SDCCA Bylaws

South Dakota Cheerleading Coaches Association (SDCCA) Organization Goals

1. To promote and improve cheerleading in South Dakota.

2. To establish a network system of support and unity among all who are involved in cheerleading.

3. To provide opportunities, education, training, and growth experiences for cheerleading coaches and cheerleaders.

4. To implement safety measures among cheerleaders and adherence to the safety rules established by the National Federation of High School Activities.

5. To promote the highest possible professional standard of coaching.

6. To build statewide unity and sportsmanship among our schools.

7. To encourage an appreciation of the educational and social advantages that participation in cheerleading can bring.

8. To encourage a positive attitude towards cheerleaders and recognition of the important role they play in our schools. e it says benefits.

Complete SDCCA 2011 Bylaws: